A Cozy September | Month-Long Hygge Challenge

September might be one of the hardest months for me. It may have something to do with the fluctuating temperatures or maybe back-to-school anxiety is just permanently engrained in my memory. It’s just so stressful.  This September also presents me with a few challenges and personal battles that I’m working with, so I knew that IRead more

Simplified Wardrobe Series Part II: Setting Intentions

Like I said in this post, I’ve tried the capsule wardrobe, I’ve tried spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, particularly after a bad day or a stressful week. But neither of those things really worked entirely for me (or my wallet). So, I took the approach of building a simplified, streamlined wardrobe.  After taking the littleRead more

Simplified Wardrobe Series Part I: Answering Lifestyle Questions

Why Not Capsule?  While I’ve done the capsule wardrobe thing a few times, I’ve found that the boundaries don’t always work super well for me. However, I love the concept of a clean, streamlined, easy wardrobe.  I used to be really fussy about my clothes. I leaned toward a preppier style with pearls and stacks ofRead more

Big Plans | My Goals for Summer!

I’m a big advocate for setting goals. It drives me bonkers when people think that New Years’ Resolutions are dumb! Any opportunity to incite change and self-improvement is good by me. I love taking time to set goals when the seasons change, especially adding in a few fun ones! Here are a few goals thatRead more

My Favorite Places to Buy Modest Clothing

I am a big advocate for modesty in more ways than one, and I’ve talked before about dressing modestly in modern-day society. It’s hard. Shopping can be especially difficult when you’re trying to find modest choices. A quick peek into the juniors department at Walmart or Target is enough to make me fear bringing childrenRead more