How To Create a Morning Routine When You’re Not a Morning Person

Ah, mornings. Birds chirping, sun shining, eggs scrambling, bacon frying.  Just kidding. It’s more like alarms blaring, husband snoring, buses honking, daylight dreading.  But does it have to be? I posted recently about my evening routine that I’ve gotten really good about sticking to! It’s helped me so much, that I thought to myself “well,Read more

How Godly Femininity Brought me Back to Jesus and Vice Versa

During the past few months, I’ve really been trying to evaluate my faith and my beliefs. My relationship with the Lord was strained heavily in college and as I battled anxiety and depression in the years following. I kept wondering if it was even worth it, if there was anything really there, or if IRead more

A Cozy September | Month-Long Hygge Challenge

September might be one of the hardest months for me. It may have something to do with the fluctuating temperatures or maybe back-to-school anxiety is just permanently engrained in my memory. It’s just so stressful.  This September also presents me with a few challenges and personal battles that I’m working with, so I knew that IRead more